To utilize this golden opportunity, you have to fill the application form provided along with this prospectus. It is to be noted that a student though buying a prospectus from our centers, can enrol in any of our NCH CLM criteria namely "NCH CLM" of which, the NCH CLM provides advanced/ regular courses. The description, ASC code and ASC name are to be specified in the application at the time of admission. These details can be obtained from ASC or paper notification or through student prospectus. Total fee (as per structure mentioned in criteria) has to be paid at the time of enrolment. Student has to clearly mention the course name as per the application form while filling the same. Once the registration is confirmed at Head Office, only upgradation in course shall be entertained and not otherwise.

Examination and Medium

English is the medium of Course/Examination. Support Course Material are also provided in English as well as theory classes will be also conducted in same.

** Terms & Condition apply