CLM Courses

Currently we have a unique course named "ADVANCE DIPLOMA IN COMPUTER SCIENCE". Whose obhective is to To provide professional education. To improve efficiency & enhancement in IT knowledge. To built a career for self employment. Acquiring Focus. Any rural IT intervention, which also claims to become self sustainable, will have to grapple with hard realities prevailing at the ground level. The point of intervention have chosen carefully. Rather than focusing on Developed or software exporter cities and towns, the intervention should concentrate on Block Level, Panchayat Level & District level.

Acedemic Rules
  • Irespective of age and position, the student is expected to maintain appropriate relations with the management and staff.
  • The students when asked to meet the management with parent/guardian, should follow the instructions strictly.
  • The management takes every measure for the good career of the student for which the student's co-operation is expected.
  • The student should attend all the theory and lab classes regularly. A student remaining absent for more than 30 consecutive classes without information, shall cases a student has to take readmission. In such cases a student has to take readmission by paying a fine of Rs. 250/-.
  • Proper discipline has to be maintained within the premises. A student found misbehaving will be restricted from attending the classes
Other Courses
  1. DCA (3 Month)
  2. DTP (3 Month)
  3. Diploma in IT (9 Month)
  4. Diploma in Computer Programming (7 Month)
  5. Advance Diploma In Computer Science ( 12 Month)
  6. Computer Teacher Training Course ( 12 Month)
  7. Post Graduate Diploma In Information Technology ( 10 Month)
  8. Advance Diploma in Computer Programming (12 Month)

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